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I am called to walk with you along your healing journey, provide you the tools to continue on your path and teach you how to help others heal.


These Divination practices were gifted to me by my ancestors and I am honored to assist you on your journey by sharing them. 

All readings are offered both in-person and virtual.

Offerings include:


Bone & Charm Casting

Ancestral Path

Your Year Starts Now Tarot

Life Coach


Healing is your most natural state of being. I work with you to bring peace and healing to your physical and spiritual homes. 

Offerings include:

Spiritual House Cleanse

Candle Dressing & Prayer

Laying of the Stones - Crystal Healing for Womyn

Sacred Soul Ritual Bath

Sacred Soul Sound & Journey


Reiki is an energy healing modality employing the principle that a healer can channel energy into a client. Client can elect whether or not touch is used to facilitate energy healing. 

Offerings include:


Reiki & Tarot

Crystal Reiki


Life Coach

As a life coach, I help you create a plan to achieve your goals, remove roadblocks, and live your best life. 


Offerings include:

Introductory Session 

Personal Coaching Calls (In person & Virtual)

Business Coaching & Tarot Reading (In Person & Virtual)

Living in a Sacred Home Lifestyle Coaching 


Are you called to be a healer?

Are you looking to train in a supportive environment with a teacher who believes that their job is to facilitate your unique approach to healing?

I offer various trainings based upon level of interest and popular request. 

I am currently offering Reiki I, II, and Master Teacher Trainings. 



Are you interested in healing in community?

Are you looking to explore healing modalities?

Are you looking to engage with other like minded folks pursuing their own healing journeys?

I offer a variety of group workshops throughout the year. 

Check back for our summer workshop schedule.

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