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School of Good JuJu

Are you looking for a spiritual practice that will set you on a path to freedom?

Are you ready to embody ancestral practices?

Are you ready to work your Magick?

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Welcome to the School of Good JuJu!

Join Goddess Wata Skye Bhatki for a 4-week introductory intensive to rootwork, Black folk magik, and hoodoo practices. Using an embodied teaching method, Goddess Bhatki works with students as they learn, do, and create in real-time.  At the end of the course, students will have a mojo bag full of skills and tools to heal, manifest, and remove what no longer serves them. 

Course Schedule

Class A: Divination

Class B: Mojos & Talismans

Class C: Candle Work & Petitions

Class D: Building Altars

By popular demand, The School of Good JuJu will also be offered in June. 

Spaces are limited so register now to reserve your spot today.


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The demystification of of this natural work is a welcomed education for me. As I process unlearning much of the dogma we have been indoctrinated with, I am comforted in spaces like this.

I am grateful for teachers, and healers like Angela Smith who shares her wisdom and encourages my journey. The Zen Dragonfly is a safe space.

I 100% recommend The School of Good Juju for any person who is finding their root and seeking to understand the power we all have naturally to learn, heal and grow.

Abra F. 

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